Prof Nitzan Bichacho


Towards a biologically-oriented aesthetic implant restoration at the smile zone.

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CV: Prof Nitzan Bichacho

Nitzan Bichacho, D.M.D. holds the post of expert in prosthodontics at the rank of Professor, at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hebrew University and Hadassah, Jerusalem, Israel.

He is a Faculty Member of the Departments of Oral Rehabilitation of both dental faculties at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and at Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel.

He is Past President and a Life Member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED) and serves on the editorial boards of leading international dental journals.

Prof. Bichacho is a co-inventor of the Nobel Active Implant System, the V3 implant system and is the conceptor of prosthetic clinical techniques that have become widely used around the world.

Prof. Bichacho publishes and lectures worldwide in the fields of dental implant therapy, fixed prosthodontics, interdisciplinary treatments and innovative treatment modalities in esthetic dentistry.

The Bichacho Clinic in Tel Aviv focuses on interdisciplinary treatments, collaborating with
world renowned colleagues and dental technicians.

Prof. Bichacho in the media

Individualizing a smile makeover. Current strategies for predictable results.

Abstract The goals of esthetically oriented treatment in the smile zone are to achieve harmony and dynamic symmetry of well-proportioned teeth correctly positioned in the arch, craft a balanced scalloping of the gingival line, and create/maintain a functional and physiologic occlusion.

Controlled Restorative Treatment of Compromised Anterior Dentition

The aesthetic appearance of the maxillary anterior dentition is determined by the relationship between the shape, contour, color, position, and arrangement of the teeth to the healthy labial gingiva and the interdental papillae.

The Centripetal Build-Up for Composite Resin Posterior Restorations

This paper introduces a new technique for creating Class II posterior composite restorations - the centripetal build-up. This technique replaces the lost tooth structure from the periphery towards the center of the cavity, thereby achieving better marginal adaptation to the gingival floor.

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